About Phillip

Phillip P. Peterson is the pen name of a german author.

Phillip was born in 77 and worked as an engineer on propellant feeding systems of reusable booster stages and as satellite program manager for the german space agency. As a regular visitor to the United States he spent time in Washington, Huntsville, Houston and the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Phillip was an avid reader of science-fiction since his childhood. While studying at the Aachen University of Applied Science he wrote scientific and space-related articles and booklets for a german publisher. In 2014 he published his first novel “Transport” in germany which was an instant success. His second novel “Paradox” was also a big success and won the 1st Amazon Kindle Storyteller Award at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2015. All his novels were Amazon Top-10 hits in germany.

His novels are getting translated currently by a team of professional translators and editors.

pic: Russell Grandinetti (Amazon VP of Kindle Content) and Phillip P. Peterson at the Frankfurt Book Fair